Born in North Queensland, Australia, Gloria Montero grew up in a family of Spanish immigrants.  Primary schooling in Innisfail was followed by study at Lourdes Hill in Brisbane with special focus on Music and Dramatic Arts (Australian Music Examinations Board, University of Queensland). She was already performing in local theatre and radio productions when she began work as an announcer at 4CA Cairns, part of the AWA network.

After travel in Europe, she and her husband David Fulton settle in Canada where their children, Allegra and Miguel, are born.  In Toronto, Montero continues her career as writer, singer and broadcaster.  (See Books)

1970-1971 presents her own weekly television programme on Rogers Cable Television featuring prominent figures in politics and the arts; publishes articles and stories in Chatelaine, Canadian Forum, This Magazine, Room of One’s Own; The Immigrant Woman with Ana Alberro (Women in the Canadian Mosaic, Peter Martin Associates Ltd. Edited by Gwen Matheson); writes and produces radio documentaries on CBC-FM, including the celebrated Music of Spain, a series of 18 hour-long programmes, presenting the music within a social/historical perspective;  the 120 min. masterpiece Segovia: the Man and his Guitar (SIGNATURE); a 60-min. exposé of Women and the Law (IDEAS); Modern Spanish Writers, a conversation with Spanish poet José Ma. Valverde (ANTHOLOGY); Two Guitars: Bream and Williams, exploring the music and the careers of British musicians Julian Bream and John Williams (ONE TO ONE); The Last of the Suffragettes, an interview with Nell Hall-Humpherson (RADIO INTERNATIONAL); Without a Voice, the situation of the immigrant woman (IDEAS), The Amazon, exploring the great river of South America (IDEAS), Foreign Aid, a critical look at economic aid to Third World countries(IDEAS);    

1972 With her husband documentary-filmmaker David Fulton, sets up Montero-Fulton Productions to produce documentary films on social and art subjects.  Films include Years of Struggle, a retrospective look at the life and work of Canadian artist Leonard Hutchinson, famous for his prints depicting the Depression of the 30’s; The Horsemen, on drawings of  Canadian-Armenian artist Hagop Khoubessarian, winner of the Prix de Paris 1973; Cry of the Gull, about contamination of the Great Lakes; Crisis in the Rain, on the effects of acid rain, winner of the Gold Camera Award American Film Festival 1982.  Montero also worked as consultant-interviewer on Dreams and Nightmares (A-O Productions, California) about Spain under Franco, a film that won a number of international awards in Florence, Moscow, Leipzig and  American Film Festival 1975.    

As president of the Canadian Committee for a Democratic Spain organizes international conferences Amnistia (1970) and Solidaridad (1974) in Toronto to make known the demand for democracy developing in Spain in the last years of the Franco dictatorship. 

1972 Co-founder of The Centre for Spanish-Speaking Peoples, Toronto (1972) and Director of the Centre until 1976. 

1976 contracted by Bethune College, York University, Toronto, to organize international congress Spain 1936-1976: The Social and Culural Aftermath of the Spanish Civil War.

1977 Following the success of her oral history The Immigrants, Montero is engaged  as Consultant on Immigrant Women by the Multicultural Department of the Secretary of State, Government of Canada.   

1978 moves to Barcelona where she reports as Spanish correspondent for  The Arts Report (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

CONTRATALLA sala d’art, Tarragona, publishes a portfolio Les Cambres with original prints by artist Kouji Ochiai and poem by Gloria Montero (1983).

Her cycle of prose poems Letters to Janez Somewhere in Ex-Yugoslavia provides the basis for collaboration with painter Pere Salinas in an exhibition at Barcelona’s Galería Eude (1995). The poems subsequently serve as narration for a choreography by the Cristina Magnet Dance Company.

2003 Winner of NH Premio de Relato for Ménage à Trois, the first time this prize is awarded for a short story in English. 

2006-2007 Assistant Artistic Director, EntreCultures International Theatre Festival, Tortosa, Spain.

2006-2009 Vice-President, 2009-2011 President Associació d’Investigació I Experimentació Teatral (AIET), Barcelona.       

Montero’s literary work has been studied in classes at both the high school  and university level. She has been invited to participate in university courses and international conferences, such as Landscapes of Exile, Centre for Australian Studies, University of Barcelona (2004); West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry, Ireland (2006); La Guerra Civil Espanyola i la literatura arreu del mon, (El Juliols), summer courses University of Barcelona (2006); Escriure es Creure, es Creure, University Extension Course, Faculty of Philology, University of Barcelona (2007), Literatures in English; Ethnic, Colonial and Cultural Encounters, University of Innsbruck, University of Barcelona (2007); Myth, History and Memory, (2008) Food for Thought (2010), Pacific Solutions (2011) Centre for Australian Studies, University of Barcelona and Centre for Peace and Social Justice, Southern Cross University, Australia.

Member:  Writers’ Union of Canada, Sociedad General de Autores de Espana SGAE.